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It's nice to meet you!

Welcome! I'm Heather


I developed the idea of the All of Me Journal many years ago when my two daughters, Rachel and Emily, were going through their tween years. I searched for resources to help guide them through these crucial developmental years, and quickly realized there wasn’t anything available that met their needs. That's when I began creating content and journal pages for my young girls so they had a safe space to discover themselves and grow.


15 years later, the All of Me Journal has now come to life with the help of my oldest daughter Rachel, now grown into a beautiful woman, and my husband Randy. Although my girls are both grown, today it is my mission to help other tween girls and their caregivers navigate through this important time. 

I've spent the majority of my career in education, both as a teacher and working for several education companies. I've always enjoyed working with both students and teachers. In my late 30's, I went back to school and earned a Masters in Counseling Psychology degree. I went on to work as a children and family counselor, helping others navigate through life's challenges. In writing this journal, it was very important to me to not only use my own real-life experiences with my girls, but also to pull from experiences working with other tween girls while backing it with sound research. At the end of the day, the heart of this journal comes from my perspective as a mom who wrote this as a labor of love for her daughters.

My Daughter, Rachel

Rachel is my oldest of three children and was the real reason All of Me was created. Being the oldest, it was Rachel who hit the tween years first. It is the interaction and strong relationship between Rachel and I that inspired the writing of this journal.

During college, Rachel spent 2 years nannying tweens. She was able to view the tween years in a new and unique way which helped her better understand this important developmental stage that children go through. Not only was Rachel’s own experiences of going through her tween years used when writing this journal, but she was also able to pull from her experiences of being a nanny.

Rachel is a graduate of the University of Texas. She has a bachelor’s degree in Advertising, has become an expert in Digital Marketing, and currently works in the Natural Food CPG industry.


My Husband, Randy

Randy is a former educator of 15 years where he had the privilege of working with students from all walks of life. He also has coached young athletes from pre-school
through High School in a variety of different sports.


Randy has Masters’ Degrees in both Education and Counseling Psychology. As a teacher, he would use many of these same concepts that are in the All of Me journal in
his classrooms with great success. As a counselor, he was able to work directly with tweens as he helped them navigate through these important years.


He truly brings unique life experiences and a male perspective as a father, teacher, counselor, and coach, to the All of Me journal. Currently Randy works in the

Education Technology space.

If you're familiar with Texas, you will see in our family photo that we live near the blue bonnets in the Austin area. You can also see that we now have a tween boy! We don't want to leave our son Austin out of the fun, so we've already begun writing a boys version of the

All of Me Journal.

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